Current Projects


Olympic Hills Greenway Pocket Park

Lake City Greenways and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are planning a new Neighborhood Greenway along 27th Ave NE in the Olympic Hills neighborhood of Lake City (“Olympic Hills Greenway”), along with a new pocket park along the greenway in the SDOT-owned street end between 27th Ave and 28th Ave NE at NE 133rd. This project will create a safe street for walkers and bikers of all ages and abilities; provide an important route to local services and businesses; and enhance and make more useable existing community green space. Together, these improvements will improve a community that today struggles with a lack of public green space and safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

SDOT has offered its enthusiastic support for creating a pocket park at NE 133rd, and in fact has identified this as a pilot project in its inaugural effort to turn unused SDOT space into publicly- accessible green space, parks, and parklets (Public Space Management Program, 2013).

The site, a welcome patch of green in the neighborhood, is currently used as a walking passageway between two dead end streets. Little Brook, a tributary of Thornton Creek, flows through the site, which is overgrown with invasive plants and needs clean up and tending. The vision for the site is to remove and suppress regrowth of non-native vegetation; improve the walking path with natural materials; restore the wetland and stream; and install sitting rocks to provide a passive green space for the community.

Lake City Greenways recently secured a Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple grant to develop a concept design for the Olympic Hills Greenways pocket park. The design is expected to be complete by summer 2014, and the project implemented in fall 2014.

To learn more about Olympic Hills Greenway Pocket Park, contact Becca Aue at 206.332.9900 x12, or visit Lake City Greenways on Facebook.